Refreshingly, the individual, rather than the disease, is the focus of nutritional medicine assessment and treatment.  Through testing, questioning, listening and observing, the underlying causes of behavioural, mental and physical illness are explored. A comprehensive, tailored treatment plan is then delivered enabling managable, long-term wellness outcomes.


BHSc Nutritional Medicine, Dip Ed, AACNEM, NSA, ANTA, MINDD, Certified Health Coach (US)


Karena is a clinical nutritionist, presenter, educator and health coach working in private practice and within the corporate sector.


Karena's private Nutritional and Environmental Medicine practice in Brighton is dedicated to the integrative and holistic care and treatment of children and adults with chronic physical, mental and behavioural conditions. 


She constructs tailor-made health and lifestyle solutions that are realistic and manageable, benefitting the health of adults, children and the whole family.


As a health coach, corporate presenter and educator Karena is passionate about preparing and supporting her clients to find their own solutions and pathways to health and wellbeing.  She embraces this aspect of her work as it accelerates the prevention of chronic illness and directly influences the success of individuals, families and workplaces.  

Special Diets - Individualised



  • GAPS

  • Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free

  • Specific Carbohydrate Diet

  • Food chemical Intolerances (Salicylates/phenols/amines/glutamates/sugars/oxalates)


  • Paleo

  • Failsafe

  • Weight Loss/Keto Diet

  • Body Ecology

  • Vegetarian/Vegan

  • Anti-Inflammatory




Firstly let me say thank you for spending the time going through things with me last week! You were inspirational!

Tom has done really well, I have managed to get him to eat new foods every morning for the past three days! AMAZING!!!!

He has been so calm since that is is a total no brainer that Dairy if nothing else effects his moods!

Thanks heaps again



Thank you for last week; it was so refreshing to see someone who is authentic and who left me feeling empowered.  Since our meeting I have learnt a lot and have started to realise how to better manage Milly's afternoon mood swings and behold - she hasn't thrown the afternoon tantrum she used to throw which would only be settled by sugar....For 30mins and then back to square one we would go!  Again, thank you for your knowledge, care and integrity.  Sincerely Sarah


I am so pleased you are seeing Rory, I saw Rory yesterday and he is making amazing progress his development has leapt to the 50th percentile.

Carena Hulley

Paediatric Occupational Therapist


Hey Karena

Thank you so, so... SO much for all of your help and advice - a life changing experience and very much appreciated




Matthew is doing so well, and  there have been so many improvements thanks to your recommendations.  

I have to tell you that we are so thankful to have found you and your support to get Matty where he is now; I really think that he is close to recovery, even if, with a controlled diet and supplements. He is so happy and responsive.

The changes have been so quick and so obvious, that I just want to warn all people who have children on the spectrum, and other children who will benefit…

Thanks you for suggesting yahoo group of biomed parents, WHAT AN AMAZING GROUP!!!

I’ve learnt so much in such a short time.

Thank you



Hi Karena,

Lovely to meet you yesterday. I finally feel comforted that I am doing the right thing for my children! Danielle


I was just about to email you to say that I made the buckwheat pancakes for Ben but he refused to eat them.  So I made them into a guitar shape and he ate them!!!!  Brilliant idea of yours. BTW, Ben has eaten loads of good food today, even chicken!!!!  Hurrah! Thanks Claire


Thanks so much. We were doing really well on the no sugar, less intense meltdowns and one low impulse action that Dan has done 10 + times a day every day (banging the tv) actually stopped. This was incredible!


Hi Karena :)

This is Ella! Thank you very much for all the help you are giving mum and I, we appreciate it very very, very much! I have noticed such a difference, it is just awesome! I no longer feel irritable and really full after eating every meal, but comfortably full, which is such a nice change! I am very thankful :)