Refreshingly, the individual, rather than the disease, is the focus of nutritional medicine assessment and treatment.  Through testing, questioning, listening and observing, the underlying causes of behavioural, mental and physical illness are explored. A comprehensive, tailored treatment plan is then delivered enabling managable, long-term wellness outcomes.

Health Conditions & Supporting Behavioural Change in Adults

Karena specializes in the treatment of chronic digestive, immune and neurological disorders in adults, including IBS/IBD and other Digestive Disorders, Depression and Anxiety, Hormonal disorders, Weight Management, Skin Disorders, Chronic headaches, Diabetes and Heart Health (including cholesterol and blood pressure management). 


A biomedical approach is used for assessment and treatment.  This approach focuses on medical conditions from a biological perspective - including physiological, psychological, biochemical and nutritional factors.  These factors may affect all body functions including the cognitive, emotional and behavioural aspects of brain function. Physiological, biochemical and nutritional imbalances may lead to physical and/or mental dysfunction and need to be considered and appropriately included in overall management.


Optimal management requires a thorough clinical and nutritional assessment to ascertain imbalances (macronutrients and micronutrients), exclusion and challenge tests to detect food substances causing adverse reactions (allergies and intolerances), and appropriate testing for where indicated. 


Through careful analysis of each person’s clinical symptoms and dietary choices and preferences, nutritional and lifestyle strategies can be applied to address health concerns or treat illness.  Follow up monitoring is also required for optimizing long-term outcomes.


Health coaching is available to help support behavioual change and motivation during the changeover period.  The coaching can also be used as a stand-alone therapy to guide you toward reaching your health and lifestyle goals. 

Health & Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching is a vehicle for assisting people achieve a higher level of both physical and mental well-being and for the realisation of personal goals, visions and empowerment.


Coaching is, “the art of creating an environment, through conversation and a way of being, that facilitates the process by which a person can move toward desired goals in a fulfilling manner”.... W. Timothy Gallwey.


In order to create such an environment, as a coach, I will do more listening than talking, more asking then telling, and more reflecting than commenting.


Coaching is not about advising clients on how to solve problems, nor educating clients about what they should do, nor analyzing the root-causes of client predicaments, but more to facilitate the self-empowerment of the client through their own self-discovery and problem-solving.  By owning their choices and outcomes the client is enabled to more easily reach their goals in a supported environment.


Coaches are collaborative and co-creative partners in clients’ journeys to reach their visions and goals.



"Wellness coaching has allowed me to find the positives in life. The weekly goals help me improve my habits and force me to face and accomplish tasks like eating better, exercising, getting my feelings out and better organising my time. By doing that, I can see there are positives in life like wellness, happiness, and peacefulness.  Having a coach guarantees that you have a partner in growth, someone to remind you of what’s important to you, help you focus on your priorities, and raise your awareness of what works for you and what doesn’t. I encourage everyone to try wellness coaching as it actually works. It makes you well" Vicki

Weight Management

Did you know that 85% of people who go on a diet will gain back all the weight they lost and maybe more?


If you've tried every weight loss gimmick, magic pill or fad diet; if you/ve lost weight and then regained it with a vengeance; if you’re tired of the yo-yo and want a permanent healthy solution, my supported weight loss strategies can guide you to lose weight quickly and safely, while helping you learn healthy habits to keep the weight off.


Fad diets that promise to help people lose weight once and for all have been selling like hotcakes for the last thirty years. And yet, Australians are heavier than ever before. If a diet plan built on rigid rules was effective, we wouldn't have an obesity epidemic on our hands.


Making lifestyle changes and losing weight for the long term requires a different approach. My program looks at the undermining obstacles to your weight loss, assesses current diet and lifestyle and focuses on replacement of foods rather than denial for helathy, sustained weight loss. A plan for healthy, balanced eating, and a liveable approach to exercise  will be tailored for you to make it enjoyable and achievable.


To complement this plan, ongoing health coaching is available to help you set achieveable bite size weekly goals and motivate and support you to stick to your plan and achieve your diet and lifestyle goals.


"Hi Karena

Just thought I would let you know that I have lost 13 kg and managing to keep it off so far. I have made many changes to my diet which I am determined to continue. Actually hasn't been that difficult using your strategies. Thankyou so much for your help.   Regards Janine"